80% recycled material + 100% love for the Planet

Anekke Nature is the most sustainable capsule collection of Anekke bags and accessories. It is made with 80% recycled materials and 100% of love for the Planet, a unique combination in which the taste for the normal details of the brand is upheld, with an extra bit of care for the environment added to it.

The recycled materials are obtained from something as common as plastic bottle tops, and they have the Control Union Certifications B.V seal (Certificate number: CU1042179GRS-2020-00016586 / Registration number: 1042179). Find out more about this collection!


recycled material.

Made with recycled

plastic bottle tops.





Anekke Eco-friendly

The Anekke products have the eco-friendly Global Recycled standard seal, which implies that the materials used to make them are not pollutants. That is to say that neither while the product is being made, nor afterwards when it is being used, nor even when the product is no longer used, is it going to have a negative impact on the Planet.

PU Material






All the Anekke eco-friendly products come with this green label to identify them.

Commitment to the planet: Anekke Nature

From one step further in our environmental commitment came the capsule collection of Anekke Nature bags and accessories. After years of advocating the use of eco-friendly materials, Anekke launched its first capsule collection made with recycled material in the FW20 season: Anekke Nature.

The on-going research into the eco-friendly materials has enabled us to carry on increasing the % of recycled material used in Anekke Nature, going from the initial 50% to the current 80%. The recycled material is obtained from something as ordinary as plastic bottle tops.

It is very easy to distinguish the Anekke Nature products: it is stated on the label that they are made with recycled material. You can recognize them at once!

Collections with history and commitment:

A journey among the stars

Nature (FW20)

Nature (SS21)

Music and positive energy

Nature Ocean (FW21)

A journey through the glaciers

Nature Colors & Nature Power (SS22)

Feel the power of the colours

Nature Woods (FW22)

Welcome to the woods

Each new Anekke Nature capsule collection has a special story behind it. As well as being made with recycled material, each line has a unique design and with its story it empowers the need to look after our greatest treasure: Nature.

Eco challenge: Anekke Nature Ocean

The sales of the Anekke Nature Ocean products have contributed to attaining a unique objective: to remove half a ton of waste from the Alicante coastline. In this collection, inspired by the oceans, a certain amount made from each sale is set aside to help clean up the 500kg of waste needed to meet this challenge, and therefore remove this huge amount of rubbish from our seas.

The success of this project has resulted in new challenges being set and new projects being created, which are related to the sale of the Anekke Nature products that have a direct positive impact on the Planet.

The echo is a sound. It is like your voice that is projected towards the world, returning the same as what you give it. Our voice can make the world a better place, which is why; we want to ask our customers to share their echo!

The maxim #feelyoureco has been associated as a message linked to this capsule collection, as a wish to have a positive impact on the Planet with our actions, our voice and the need to consume eco products. This message will appear on the details of the FW22 capsule collection: Anekke Nature Woods.

And how about you, do you want to join the change? Look after the Planet with Anekke!